Roof Tiling

Roof Tiling

Jarvis and Womack are considered to be the leading contractor of the Yorkshire and Midlands Region in concrete roof tiling which is why a high proportion of our work focuses on using a variety of these tiles. At Jarvis and Womack Ltd we work closely with our suppliers to ensure the specification of the works carried out are to the exacting standards of the manufacturer, ensuring reliability, safety and peace of mind.

When tiling a roof there are many factors that must be considered such as design, wind load, thermal capacity, insect and bird resistance and the control of condensation/ventilation.

These are just some the factors that must be considered. It is the attention to detail and many years of industry and practical experience that sets a Javis and Womack roof apart from its competitors.

Jarvis and Womack use a variety of suppliers depending on the roofing specification. Below are just some of the tiles that we use for different asthetic and environmental requirements.

Some examples of our work can be found in our Case Studies

Plain Tile

Plain Tile

The Plain Tile has the appearance of a traditional "Rosemary" type clay tile but the strength and economy of a concrete tile. Ideal for historic restorations and projects where subtle aesthetic appearance and cost efficiency are a priority.

Thin Leading Edge Tile

Thin Leading Edge Tile

A flat interlocking roof tile which is approximately half the thickness of a standard tile and so has the appearance of a slate when laid broken bonded. An example of this tile is the Russell Galloway.

Thin Leading Edge Tile with

Thin Leading Edge Tile with "Mock Bond"

An interlocking tile with a thin leading edge and mock joint which when laid gives the appearance of European plain tiles. The Russell Lothian is an example of this type of tile.

Interlocking Slate Tile

Interlocking Slate Tile

A lightweight interlocking tile with a traditional riven appearance of natural slate, often manufactured from a combination of resin and crushed natural slate. Widely-known examples are the Redland Cambrian and Sandtoft Britlock.


Standard "Mock Bond" Tile

A traditional flat roof tile with a mock joint which gives the appearance of small slates or tiles, when laid broken bonded. The Sandtoft Dual Calderdale and Redland Mock Bond Mini Stonewold are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Low Roof Pitch Tile

Low Roof Pitch Tile

A flat roof tile with a single roll which gives a slight undulation to the roof profile allowing it to perform at low roof pitches down to 15 degrees, such as the Russell Argyll.

Flattened Roll Tile

Flattened Roll Tile

A standard profiled roof tile that has a trapezoid shaped roll to provide an attractive undulating surface. Its interlocking design makes it ideal for pitched roofs of all types. This is manufactured by all the major roof tile producers under different names; Sandtoft Lindum, Redland Renown and Russell Cheviot

Bold Roll Tile

Bold Roll Tile

A standard profiled roof tile with a bold roll to give an appealing deep undulating appearance. It has an interlocking design which makes it ideal for most pitched roofs and is called the Derwent by Russell and the Regent by Redland.

Double Roman Tile

Double Roman Tile

A standard profiled roof tile with a small round roll. This classic design lends itself to both traditional and contemporary styles and is the only roof tile profile that does not carry a commercial "name" with any of the concrete roof tile manufacturers.

Flat Tile

Flat Tile

A standard flat interlocking roof tile, such as the Sandtoft Calderdale, Russell Grampian or Redland Mini Stonewold. It combines the traditional appearance of clay tiles or slates, with the security of an interlocking design and the economy of concrete.

Double Pantile

Double Pantile

This is a standard profile roof tile with a subtle roll design, to give the appearance of traditional clay pantiles with the economy of concrete. Marketed simply as the Double Pantile by Sandtoft, this tile is also branded as the Redland Grovebury and Russell Pennine.